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What is Web Development?

December 2, 2008 Tags: Web Design

Web development is the term given to the action of developing a website. People mistake web programming for web development but the term does include many other aspects. It covers web design, e-commerce, content management, SEO and any other dynamic aspect to a website. Web development is probably the broadest web term to describe the act of building a website.

Web Development Programming Languages

Every website is developed with some sort of programming language. These programming languages make the website function. When looking at the front-end of a website you wouldn’t be able to tell what language it uses but look at the code and it would be very different. Most dynamic programming languages are not compatible with each other. However they can access the same database and display the information the same. All the programming languages are totally different and play a unique part in the overall function of the website. Quite a few web programming languages work together to make the designed interface look good and function well.

How Can Web Development Benefit you?

Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business, or you work for yourself, web development can benefit you. If you don’t have a website, you definitely should get one. A company without a website is potentially hurting your business growth and limiting your audience and potential clients. There is never a reason to not have a website and always ten reasons to have one. If you already have a website, you probably have a list of things you would like it to do or, if you don’t a good web developer should be able to advise you on ways to improve your current website.

Big Click Web Development

At Big Click Studios we pride ourselves on our unique web development skills. We utilise strategic web design and custom web development to really push your online business to the next level. Contact us today for an obligation free web development appraisal of your website and see how we can help you.

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